We are excited to announce the rebrand of the Nebraska Early Childhood Business Roundtable as Dividends Nebraska. After five years as an organization and with a transition in leadership, we felt it was a perfect opportunity to shorten our name into something a little easier to say.

The Name

Inspired by our business terminology and expertise, the name was derived from a common business term. Dividends describes economic returns early childhood investments have on education and career readiness.

We added Nebraska because this is a statewide group. As business professionals from across the state, we recognize the importance of sharing local efforts and needs. Although our communities are different, there are similarities and state system structures that influence early childhood efforts. As individuals, we also recognize how a united voice can help propel forward early childhood efforts at the local level with a state structure in place that is accountable and fiscally responsible.

The Tagline: Today’s children. Tomorrow’s workforce.

We chose the tagline to signify the connection between strong early learning and a competitive workforce that drives Nebraska’s economic prosperity.

The Logo

The logo symbolizes the united belief that investments in early childhood care and education will greatly impact the economic future of Nebraska.

The intersecting Ds represent the coming together of different industries and business professionals for a united cause. They are also meant to embody the connection between early childhood, education and career. Three life stages that develop and fine-tune one’s cognitive and social-emotional abilities needed for personal and professional success.

The curvature of the symbol represents the statewide reach. It has a directional lean to embody growth and future prosperity. Looking closely, one can find infinity symbols representing the long-lasting effects early childhood has on business and community.

The five colors symbolize the first five years of life when rapid brain development occurs.  Green represents new beginnings and growth. The blues and gray express the responsibility and reliability that our members have shown in supporting early childhood efforts.

No matter what you see when you look at the logo, we hope it will represent the united effort of many business professionals who have joined together to affect long-term changes in developing our state’s youngest minds.